Xeol Dashboard

Step 1: Get Access to the Xeol Dashboard

Sign up here. You should then receive an email invite to the Xeol dashboard.

Step 2: Generate API key

Under the Settings page, you will be able to generate an API Key.

Settings Page

Step 3: Add Xeol CLI to your CI

With your API key, you can now add Xeol to your CI system. After you build an image, you can scan it with Xeol like this:

curl -sSfL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/xeol-io/xeol/main/install.sh | sh -s -- -b /usr/local/bin
xeol $(repository):$(tag) --api-key=$(XEOL_API_KEY)

This will send your image SBOMs back to your Xeol dashboard.

Step 4: Enforce policies

Now that you have data about your builds, you can create policies in the dashboard that are enforced at build time.

You can set security policies to warn or deny on any software within your image:

  1. warn policy will show a warning sentence in the pipeline but not fail it.
  2. deny policy exit the build with a non-zero exit code and fail the pipeline.

Settings Page